Why the Newham Claimants Union?

Well,  if you're claiming something from the government or council,  you could be running round and getting  nowhere with your claim or still waiting   for your: 


Tax Credit     

Income Support   

Housing Benefit                                                            


Stop Running Around After Benefits


jobseekers allowance


Or wondering why your money has suddenly stopped???

Then again you might know your rights, but nobody at the Council or Jobcentre does and anyway they aren't listening. 

Or  BINGO you've finally sorted out your money, what a nightmare what an experience,  and you want to share it with someone.

Whatever your reason, call on the Newham & District Claimants Union!

And remember, the DWP, the Council and the Jobcentre find it very easy to ignore one person: "we can't  find any trace of your claim".  They take much more notice of the Union!

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